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Electrical Engineering

Engineers and draftmen specialized in electric engineering for the Metals Industry.

We develop basic and detail engineering in AutoCad or ePlan for:




Panel Building

We provide the complete cycle of panel building: design, specification, building supervision, extensive testing and troubleshooting and on-time shipping.




On Site Services

Site engineers with many years of experience in projects for the Metals Industry in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas



Plant Instrumentation

Specification, installation and calibration of different kinds of instruments and actuators.

We provide vendor-independent services for virtually all kinds of instruments found in the Metals industry.



Automation & Drives

Level 0 and Level 1 engineers with thousands of flight-hours in complex projects

  • PLC Programming
  • RTU and Stand-alone Controllers
  • Industrial Networks
  • High Performance Drives startup and tuning
  • Motion control
  • Safety controllers




HMI & Scada

Outstanding user interfaces for control systems, for touch panels and PCs

We develop interfaces that are easy to use, self-explainable and visually attractive. We strive to develop HMI designs that make sense, using consistent symbols, colors, messages and interactions that assure the operators a predictable behavior. We adapt to existing plant standards and have experience in many different platforms such as:

  • Rockwell RSView / FactoryTalk
  • Siemens WinCC / WinCC Flexible
  • Siemens PCS7
  • Wonderware InTouch / Archestra
  • Proficy iFix



Physical Ladle Tracking

Detects ladles in predetermined locations on the plant to improve molten steel traceability and crane logistics.


Based on RFID technology. Provides location information of ladles and other equipment such as torpedo cars, tundishes and slag pots either in its own self hosted web site or to other systems such as MES and Level 2 layers.


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Industrial Historian

Acquisition and display of time series data points leveraged by a solid database management and state-of-the-art HTML 5 technologies.


Our historian provides OPC remote agents, store and forward acquisition, SQL data management, sub-second time resolution and HTML5 based charts.



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Meltshop MES

Tracks production, quality and availability on an integrated web based system connected with the plant floor automation and the company ERP.


Based on the Industrial Dashboard framework this Manufacturing Execution System is specifically designed for the steel meltshops. The system covers the main areas of a steel meltshop Scrap, EAF or BOF, secondary metallurgy lines, caster processes and laboratory.


Connects to existing plant automation systems through OPC or native drivers, manages the arrival and departure of heats, ladle cycle,  detects and allow justification of delays with a hierarchical structure of delay codes and displays a full heat data report.



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Supervise the most important variables of the plant on a graphical display


Industrial plants generate loads of real-time data and the data must be summarized and displayed in a proper in order to be analyzed. Industrial Dashboards combine the most important KPI, charts, real-time status and stunning graphics in a way that is self-explained for the occassional visitor and carefully space-optimized for continuous display.



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Barcode Product Tracking

Keep track of warehouse inventories using up-to-date mobile technology


Manages warehouse inventories of semi-finished and finished goods. Based on mobile scanners connected through wi-fi to a centralized server. Provides session based authentication, parking multiple products at once, inventory requests management, line-entry schedules and pre-load and shipping procedures.



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CoilYard sample

Inspection Interface

Touch panel application that integrates all tasks related to inspection facilities in one place.


This application allows product inspectors indicating on a touch screen panel the location and severity of the detected defects and measurements performed to products, it also allows printing barcodes, managing the entry-line schedule and communicating with the ERP.



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Roll management

Tracks the life cycle of rolls and other equipment. From the installation on the line to the repairs on the rollshop.

This application connects with the mill PLCs and accumulates tons and hours on the rolls currently being used. Also permits the supervision of gaps, assignment of grooves and management of the complete inventory of rolls and related equipment.



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Scrap Yard

Supervises the loading of scrap layers on buckets

Based on mobile technology, this application displays the programmed scrap layers, reads the weight from the scale and supervises in real-time the overall scrap loading process, generating valuable information needed by operation, logistics and process engineers. The interface is especifically designed for touch screen operation. An administration and reporting web site is also provided


Billet Yard

Supervise the input, output and internal movement of billets in the billet yard

Based on mobile technology, this application allows billet crane operators to declare the billet movements, while keeping a clean and easy to use interface designed especifically for touch screens. A web based administration and reports site is provided.


3D Process Explorer

Three dimensional models of actual production lines to be embedded into dashboards and intranet sites.

Modular javascript objects that represent physical production lines used to display equipment, products, parts and process data



Caster sample

Finishing sample

Industrial Dashboard

Open-source framework to build impressive real-time dashboards to guide executive decisions of plant managers.


Dashboards present updated information at one glance and are designed with the emphasis set on data/pixel density, graphical interpretation and drill-through capabilities.


We have included a number of graphical widgets specifically designed for the manufacturing industry such as Gantt charts, process variables charts, real-time text boxes, data grids and zoom-able real time maps.



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Level 2

Mathematical models and specific applications



EAF Thermal model

This model estimates the temperature of the steel in the final phase of the EAF process. The operator takes a sample temperature, which is used as the starting point, then the model uses the values of energy, mass, o2, exhaustion gases to estimate the time when the steel will reach a setpoint temperature and the operator must take the final sample before tapping.

For the EAFs that use DRI, the model can be adapted to control the flow of DRI in order to sustain a determined specific heat throughout the melting phase.

Installed in: Sidor Venezuela.

LMF Thermal model

Starting from the first temperature sample, the model calculates the current temperature of the steel in the ladle taking into account electric energy, exhaust gases, ladle condition, additions (especially aluminum) and stirring.

The parameters of each of these components are adaptive using the subsequent temperature samples to correct the parameters and improve the precision.

Installed in: Siderar Argentina, Sidor Venezuela

Secondary Metallurgy and Caster synchronization model

This calculation takes into account the size and speed of the strands on the caster, the remaining steel in the casting ladle and tundish and desired superheat temperature for the next heat.

With all these inputs, it calculates a proper temperature and time for the next ladle to be in the turret, information that is needed by the LMF/VTD operator.

Installed in : Siderar Argentina , Sidor Venezuela

BOF Level 2

The BOF Level 2 comprises a heat management subsystem, combined blow (top/bottom) patterns and a pre-existing static model that was updated to be installed in new servers.

The static model managed the scrap / hot metal mix, O2 Volume to blow and target C, Temperature and tapping time.

Installed in : Siderar Argentina

Material Additions Model

Based on an initial chemistry and a set of alloys materials, the model calculates the amount of each alloy to add in order to make the proper grade chemistry while minimizing the alloys costs.

Has many adjustment options such as grade/practice allowed alloys, minimum alloy weight, etc.

Can be used as an offline model to pre-calculate grade costs based on typical initial samples.

Installed in : Siderar Argentina , Sidor Venezuela, AK Steel Ashland.

Caster Tracking Model / Cut Optimization

This model acquires several signals such as mold level fluctuations, water flows and temperatures, mold temperatures, width changes, heat changes etc. from the PLCs and has predetermined conditions that mark slabs/billets with events as they are being casted.

The model assigns the defects or events to metallurgical lengths and when the products are cut in the torches, the events are assigned to the proper products, determine what slabs/billets belong to which heats and can suggest changing cut lengths to minimize the amount of scrap steel due to grade intermix and/or tundish changes.

Installed in : Siderar Argentina , Sidor Venezuela.

RH Degasser model

Calculates the chemistry and temperature of the steel being treated, especially useful to estimate the degassing time to reach certain level of Carbon. The value can be correlated by the CO / CO2 measurement if the plant has an exhaust gas analyzer.

Installed in : AK Steel Ashland.